People make events, we love both. After tens of thousands of hours of working together, during which we have learned to communicate with a look - no need for words - we are still happy to meet each morning. Each one of us has their own rhythm, their own style, but when the preparations for an event begin, something happens. We become one entity, acting out of friendship, love of the work and professional pride. That’s the reason we’re here, and that’s what we’ll bring with us to your event. All of the people appearing on this list were chosen by us lovingly and carefully.

Noam Bar

Noam is the face of Tiltan and its minister of foreign affairs. In a previous incarnation, he was a lawyer, but after a few years in the courts, he decided to devote himself to his true love, and founded Tiltan. In addition to his work at Tiltan, Recently Noam was appointed as the culinary advisor for all formal events at the Israeli President’s Residence. When he isn’t working, he’s traveling around Israel and the world looking for inspiration and new ingredients; or playing basketball, working on his personal development and spending time with his family.

Ohad Saffan
Head chef

Ohad has worked in restaurants throughout the world but continues to cook with the same passion and curiosity that he had for his first meal. He loves the heat of the kitchen, the huge responsibility resting on his shoulders and leading Tiltan’s cooking staff. Ohad is also a talented musician, and when he introduces our new dishes, he composes and plays on the guitar.

Yaniv Pitlic - Horev
Director of finances, administration and client affairs

Yaniv is the “responsible adult” at Tiltan and Noam’s right-hand man. In addition, he has the most last names and areas of responsibility He is responsible, among other things, for communication with the clients and the suppliers, operating the website and our computer system and managing the company’s photo shoots.  In his spare time, he comes up with brilliant ideas, plays basketball, writes children’s stories and spends time with his family.

Eyal Vagner
Operations and logistics manager

Eyal is Tiltan’s "rescue corps". Before sunup he’s already opening the iron gates of our establishment and making his first cup of coffee of the day. Eyal is also the man behind our work regulations and professional standards. In short, this is a man of action, with a clear professional vision and the energy of four people. This explains how, when everyone else is ready to drop, he goes to play soccer/football.

Amit Kuza Kantor
Event manager

It’s hard to imagine Tiltan without Amit. She’s been with us almost from Day One, with the same ever-present smile and unending positive energies. Amit is a people person. She knows the clients and knows what motivates each of us. This makes her a rare events director, one who knows exactly what the client wants and how to harness the team to achieve the goal.

Ilan Boaz
Planning and building equipment for the events

Ilan is a magician. If you have seen our buffets, you understand what we mean (and if you haven’t, now’s the time). Ilan maintains the most well-equipped, organized workshop we’ve ever seen, which explains why people go to visit there as if it were a museum. Besides, he is one of the most positive people we’ve ever met. Ilan, make us a buffet!

Yael Shamis
Human resources director

Yael is a mother figure and a woman of the world. She can recruit 100 workers for a huge event, never missing a step, and makes each person feel that he/she is the only employee. When she’s not managing us, she is traveling. And when we say “traveling,” we mean broadening her envy-arousing fashion wardrobe.

Gil harir
Setup and styling

Gil is our good-luck charm; he’s the man you want in your corner. He’s the type that gets along with everyone; even when he’s coordinating a complicated event, he never loses his famous sense of humor. Gil maintains a double image of a tech guy with mythological abilities and, no less mythologically, built-in Epicureanism, a well-developed aesthetic sense and encyclopedic knowledge of bars and alcohol.

Waiters and Bartenders

Most of Tiltan’s waiters and bartenders are with us for years, while also engaged in studies, world travels and establishing families. As a main factor in the success of an event, they undergo professional training that contributes to their personal development and upholds Tiltan’s high level of service.

Tiltan Catering is looking for bartenders, waiters and chefs
Come be a part of the family and the success